Which commander was nicknamed mead of death?

Answer: sarka

Some extra relevant information:

The commander nicknamed “Mead of Death” in the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms is Boudica. Boudica was a queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the Roman Empire in AD 60 or 61. Despite ultimately being defeated by the Romans, she is remembered as a fearless and formidable warrior. In Rise of Kingdoms, Boudica is renowned for her strength in battle and her ability to inflict massive damage on her enemies. Her skills and talents make her a formidable commander on the battlefield, earning her the daunting nickname, “Mead of Death.” So, if you’re looking for an aggressive and powerful commander to lead your troops to victory, Boudica, the “Mead of Death,” is an excellent choice in Rise of Kingdoms.

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