Which commander was known as the Celtic Rose?

Answer: Boudica.

Some extra relevant information:

In the world of “Rise of Kingdoms,” the commander known as the Celtic Rose is none other than Boudica. Boudica, who led the Celts during the early stages of the game, is a formidable commander with a fierce reputation on the battlefield. Her ability to inspire and rally her troops makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Boudica’s rise to fame as the Celtic Rose stems from her courageous acts and leadership during the Roman conquest of Britain. She became a symbol of resistance and rebellion against the Roman Empire, garnering the respect and admiration of her people.

In “Rise of Kingdoms,” Boudica’s skills and talents are accurately portrayed. As a commander, she specializes in the leadership and support role. Her active skill, “Rise of the Celtic Rose,” increases the attack and defense of all friendly troops, while her expertise skill, “Warrior Queen,” further boosts troop capacity and healing effects. These abilities make Boudica a vital asset in team battles and alliances.

Players who choose Boudica as their commander can expect an advantageous commander who excels in supporting and strengthening troops. Her skills make her an excellent choice for defending cities, leading rallies, and providing crucial buffs to allies.

Remember to strategize and pair Boudica with commanders who complement her skills to maximize her potential on the battlefield. Units that benefit from her strengths include infantry and archers, as Boudica’s abilities cater to their specific needs.

As players progress in “Rise of Kingdoms,” they’ll discover that Boudica’s title as the Celtic Rose accurately reflects her admirable qualities. She represents bravery, resilience, and a symbol of resistance against overwhelming odds. With her by your side, your troops will be inspired, ready to face any challenge that comes their way.

So, embrace the Celtic Rose and witness the power of Boudica as you forge your path to victory in “Rise of Kingdoms.”

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