Which Commander is best suited to lead troops against infantry?

Answer: Hermann

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to leading troops against infantry in Rise of Kingdoms, one commander stands out as the best choice: Charles Martel.

Charles Martel, also known as the “The Shield of France,” is considered the top commander for countering infantry units. His skills and talents make him a formidable force on the battlefield. Let’s delve into the reasons why he excels in this role.

First and foremost, Charles Martel’s active skill, “Iron Wall,” provides a significant boost to infantry troops. It increases the infantry unit’s defense, making them much more resilient against enemy attacks. This skill is essential in battles against infantry-heavy armies, as it allows Charles Martel to tank a large amount of damage while his troops hold the line.

In addition to his active skill, Charles Martel possesses powerful passive skills that further enhance his effectiveness against infantry. His expertise skill, “Unyielding,” increases the counterattack damage of infantry units. This means that when his troops are attacked by enemy infantry, they will strike back with even greater force, dealing heavy damage in return.

Another notable passive skill of Charles Martel is “Hold the Line.” This skill increases the infantry unit’s defense every time they take damage, up to a maximum limit. As a result, Charles Martel’s troops become even harder to break through as the battle progresses.

Furthermore, Charles Martel’s talent tree provides several buffs specifically tailored for infantry units. By focusing on talents such as “Feral Nature” and “Armed to the Teeth,” he can increase the infantry unit’s attack, defense, and health. These enhancements make his troops more durable and deadly on the battlefield.

One important aspect to consider is pairing Charles Martel with another commander who complements his skills and strengths. A popular choice is pairing him with a support commander like Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc’s active skill, “Divine Revelation,” increases the attack and defense of nearby troops, providing additional benefits to Charles Martel’s infantry units.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a commander to lead your troops against infantry in Rise of Kingdoms, choosing Charles Martel is a wise decision. His active and passive skills, combined with his talent tree and potential commander pairing, make him the strongest choice for countering infantry on the battlefield.

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