Which commander excels at leading infantry?

Answer: Charles Martel.

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to leading infantry in the acclaimed strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, there is one commander who stands out among the rest – Charles Martel.

Charles Martel, also known as “The Shield of Christianity,” is a legendary commander in Rise of Kingdoms who specializes in leading infantry units. His skill set makes him a formidable leader on the battlefield, especially when paired with the right troops.

One of Charles Martel’s most notable skills is “Ironside.” This active skill greatly increases infantry units’ defense and damage reduction for a short period of time, making them nearly impervious to attacks. This ability can turn the tide of battle in your favor, allowing your infantry to withstand enemy onslaughts and deal devastating blows in return.

Another powerful skill that Charles Martel possesses is “Hold the Line.” This passive skill adds an extra layer of protection to your infantry units by increasing their defense and decreasing the damage they take when they are attacked. It effectively strengthens your troops’ resilience and allows them to endure prolonged engagements with enemy forces.

Moreover, Charles Martel’s talent tree is heavily geared towards enhancing infantry capabilities. His talents offer significant boosts to infantry unit stats, such as increased health, defense, and troop damage. These improvements make his troops incredibly sturdy and formidable in combat, ensuring that they can hold the line against any foe.

Pairing Charles Martel with the right secondary commander can further enhance his effectiveness in leading infantry. Commanders like El Cid or Richard I, with their own infantry-focused skills and talents, can complement Charles Martel’s strengths and create a devastating combination on the battlefield.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a commander who excels at leading infantry in Rise of Kingdoms, Charles Martel is your best choice. His powerful active and passive skills, along with his talent tree’s focus on infantry improvements, make him a force to be reckoned with. With Charles Martel at the helm of your infantry units, you can be confident in their ability to withstand enemy attacks and emerge victorious.

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