Which civillian airport is the highest above sea level?

Answer: Daocheng Yading Airport

Some extra relevant information:

The world is home to a wide range of airports, each with its own unique features and characteristics. One of the interesting aspects that sets different airports apart is their elevation above sea level. When it comes to civilian airports, the clear winner in terms of the highest elevation is the Daocheng Yading Airport in China.

Located in the GarzĂȘ Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan province, the Daocheng Yading Airport sits at a breathtaking altitude of approximately 4,411 meters (14,472 feet) above sea level. This high-altitude airport serves as a gateway to the stunning Yading Nature Reserve, known for its majestic snow-capped peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and picturesque landscapes.

The extreme altitude at which Daocheng Yading Airport is situated poses various challenges related to air travel. The thinner air at such heights affects aircraft performance, often necessitating design modifications and specific operating procedures. Pilots must consider factors such as reduced engine efficiency, longer takeoff and landing distances, and decreased lift during flight. Furthermore, passengers might experience symptoms of high altitude sickness upon arrival or departure.

Nevertheless, thanks to advancements in aviation technology and engineering, the Daocheng Yading Airport successfully operates regular flights connecting this remote area of China to other major cities within the country. This allows travelers to experience the natural beauty of Yading Nature Reserve without enduring long and arduous journeys by road.

In conclusion, the Daocheng Yading Airport in China stands out as the world’s highest civilian airport, perched at an impressive elevation of approximately 4,411 meters above sea level. This remarkable feat of modern engineering enables visitors to access the breathtaking Yading Nature Reserve with ease, offering a truly unique travel experience.

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