When you play ark of osiris there is anumber for the total power of each team … Is this number for the participant or for the full alliance?

Answer: A non-enemy

Some extra relevant information:

When participating in the Ark of Osiris event in Rise of Kingdoms, you will notice a number that represents the total power of each team. This power number actually encompasses the combined power of all the participants within the team.

To clarify, the power number displayed is not specifically for the full alliance, but rather the sum of power from all the individuals who have joined that particular team. Each player’s power, which is determined by factors such as their city development, troops, and technologies, contributes to the overall team power.

It is important to note that for optimal performance in the Ark of Osiris event, having a well-coordinated team with high power players is beneficial. However, individual player power is also crucial, as it determines the strength of troops and the effectiveness of strategies in battles.

Therefore, during the Ark of Osiris event, this power number serves as a useful indicator to gauge the overall strength of a particular team and its chances of success. By considering it, players can strategize and coordinate their efforts effectively, ensuring a higher chance of victory.

In conclusion, the power number displayed in the Ark of Osiris event represents the combined power of all participating players within a team, rather than the total power of the full alliance.

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