When attacking a barbarian fort with your alliance… Say one person sends level 2 troops and everyone else sends level 4, if everyone sent the same number of troops, do the same percentage of troops get severely injured for the each person’s army? Or does the level 2 army lose more?

Answer: The lower level troops would suffer more than the higher kevel

Some extra relevant information:

When launching a collective attack on a barbarian fort in Rise of Kingdoms, the outcome and casualties depend on various factors, including the level of troops involved. In the scenario given, where one player sends level 2 troops and others send level 4 troops, and assuming the same number of troops are sent by everyone, it’s important to understand how these troop levels affect the battle.

In Rise of Kingdoms, troop levels directly impact their combat effectiveness. Higher-level troops generally have better stats, including higher attack, defense, and health points. Consequently, level 4 troops are significantly stronger than level 2 troops.

During a barbarian fort attack, casualties are typically distributed proportionally to the strength of each player’s troops. Since level 4 troops have superior combat capabilities, they will endure fewer casualties compared to level 2 troops when engaging the same enemy forces.

When calculating the precise percentage of troops that will be severely injured, other factors like tech upgrades, commanders, and equipment can also influence the outcome. However, assuming all other variables are equal, the level 2 troops would indeed suffer a higher proportion of severe injuries compared to their level 4 counterparts.

Therefore, it is generally advisable for all players participating in a collective attack to utilize their highest-level troops. This strategy ensures the group maximizes its combat potential and minimizes losses during battle. Coordinating troop levels helps optimize the alliance’s overall performance and increases the chances of a successful outcome.

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