What’s not available in alliance shops?

Answer: Commander sculptures.

Some extra relevant information:

Alliance shops in Rise of Kingdoms are an essential feature where players can trade resources, items, and even commanders. These shops serve as a central hub for alliances to strengthen their members and aid in their growth. However, there are certain items that are not available in alliance shops.

1. Legendary Commanders: Although alliance shops offer various commander sculptures, you will not find legendary commander sculptures here. Legendary commanders such as Richard the Lionheart, YSG, or Alexander the Great are highly sought after and can only be obtained through specific events, chests, or by using universal legendary sculptures.

2. Epic and Elite Commander Sculptures: Alliance shops mainly provide common commander sculptures. You can find sculptures for commanders like Markswoman, Joan of Arc, or Sun Tzu in these shops, but higher-level commanders like El Cid or Cao Cao’s sculptures are generally not available.

3. Advanced Resources: While alliance shops facilitate the exchange of resources like food, wood, stone, and gold, they do not offer more advanced resources like golden sculptures, kingdom power, or legendary commander statues. These items are typically obtained through events, special bundles, or specific game features.

4. Advanced Equipment: In alliance shops, you can find basic equipment items such as basic blueprints, boots, helmets, and bows. However, advanced equipment such as golden blueprints or legendary weapons cannot be found here. Advanced equipment is usually acquired through events, special chests, or purchased in bundles.

It’s important to note that alliance shops still play a crucial role in the game by providing players with valuable resources, commander sculptures, and items for a fair trade. While certain exclusive items may not be available, they can still be obtained through other means such as events, chests, or by participating in specific game activities.

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