What’s a rally attack?

Answer: A rally attack is a group attack which can be launched against a fort, another player or an enemy structure.

Some extra relevant information:

A rally attack is a strategic maneuver commonly used in the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms. In this game, players can join forces and form alliances to participate in various battles and events. A rally attack involves multiple alliance members coordinating their troops to launch a powerful assault on a specific target, such as an enemy city or stronghold.

To initiate a rally attack, the alliance leader or designated commander selects a target and sets a rally point. Other alliance members can then join the rally by adding their troops to the march. The combined forces create a much larger and more formidable army than an individual player’s troops. This allows for a more coordinated and devastating attack on the target.

Rally attacks have several advantages. Firstly, they enable players to pool their resources and strength, maximizing their chances of success. Additionally, they allow for strategic planning and coordination among alliance members, fostering teamwork and cooperation. By conducting rally attacks, players can efficiently take down stronger opponents and claim valuable rewards.

However, rally attacks also require careful planning and coordination. The alliance leader or commander must communicate effectively with the participants, ensuring that everyone understands their role and the marching time. Timing is crucial in rally attacks, as the selected target can have reinforcements arrive or defensive measures activate. Therefore, it is essential to synchronize the troops’ arrival to overwhelm the enemy swiftly.

To increase the chances of a successful rally attack, players can opt to specialize their troops for specific roles, such as infantry, cavalry, or archers, based on the target’s strengths and weaknesses. Coordinating the composition of troops with other alliance members can create a well-balanced and synergistic force.

In conclusion, a rally attack is a powerful and strategic maneuver in the game Rise of Kingdoms. By combining the troops of multiple alliance members, players can launch a devastating assault on a target, increasing their chances of success and maximizing their rewards. Effective communication, coordination, and timing are crucial for a successful rally attack. So gather your allies, plan your strategy, and conquer your enemies!

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