What useful tool did famed carpenter lu ban invent?

Answer: Saw

Some extra relevant information:

Lu Ban, a legendary figure in ancient China, was not only a skilled carpenter but also a renowned inventor. Among his numerous inventions, one of the most useful tools he created was the Lu Ban ruler.

The Lu Ban ruler, also known as the Lu Ban’s square, is an innovative measuring tool that revolutionized carpentry and woodworking practices. It is a versatile and practical instrument that consists of two rulers joined together at a right angle, forming an L-shape.

One side of the ruler is marked with incremental measurements, while the other side contains various angles and measurements useful for carpentry tasks. This design allows for precise and efficient marking, measuring, and layout of angles, ensuring accurate cuts and joinery.

The Lu Ban ruler offers several advantages over traditional measuring tools. Firstly, its L-shape provides stability when measuring and marking lines, making it easier to achieve consistent and accurate results. Additionally, the ruler’s marked angles help carpenters accurately replicate and transfer complex angles and shapes, saving time and effort.

Apart from its primary use in woodworking, the Lu Ban ruler also finds applications in fields such as engineering, architecture, and construction. Its versatility and reliability have made it a must-have tool for professionals and amateurs alike.

Lu Ban’s invention of the Lu Ban ruler not only improved the precision and quality of carpentry work but also contributed to the advancement of the overall craftsmanship in ancient China. His legacy as a master carpenter and inventor continues to inspire and influence craftsmen to this day.

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