What resource is required to travel in the state forum?

Answer: Action Point

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular mobile strategy game, Rise of Kingdoms, players are often required to travel on the state forum to various locations. But what resource is needed to undertake these journeys?

To travel in the state forum, players do not require any specific resource. Unlike other actions in the game that may require stamina, action points, or other resources, traveling within the state forum is free. Players can freely explore and move from one spot to another within their state without any cost or limitations. This allows players to easily navigate the state forum to interact with other players, scout different areas, participate in events, or join rallies.

While there is no resource required to travel in the state forum, it is important to note that using teleportation abilities, such as city teleport, alliance teleport, or individual teleport, may require certain resources like teleportation scrolls, gems, or other items. These teleportations can facilitate instant movement to specific locations within or outside the state, granting players flexibility and strategic advantages.

In summary, when it comes to traveling within the state forum itself, players do not need any specific resource. They have the freedom to explore and navigate without any cost or limitations. However, certain teleportation abilities may require additional resources to instantly move to specific locations. So, get ready to roam and conquer the expansive world of Rise of Kingdoms without worrying about any resources hindering your movement in the state forum.

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