What level does your City Hall need to be to enter the Iron Age?

Answer: City Hall level 10.

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In the popular mobile strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, advancing through different ages is a vital part of progressing and unlocking new features. As players strive to dominate the world, entering the Iron Age is a significant milestone. But what level does your City Hall need to be to achieve this?

To enter the Iron Age in Rise of Kingdoms, your City Hall must reach level 10. The City Hall serves as the foundation and central hub of your city, determining what buildings and upgrades are available to you. As you level up your City Hall, you unlock new technologies, military units, and resources that contribute to your overall growth and power.

Reaching level 10 of the City Hall requires diligent gameplay and strategic management of your resources. Building and upgrading various structures, like farms, lumber mills, quarries, and gold mines, will provide the necessary resources for expanding your city and advancing your City Hall’s level.

Besides accumulating the required resources, players must also complete specific research projects in the Academy to unlock the necessary technologies needed to progress to the Iron Age. You will need to strategically choose your research priorities to strengthen your military, economy, and overall progress in the game.

Entering the Iron Age brings numerous advantages and advancements. Players gain access to additional troops, buildings, and technologies that enhance their military strength and resource production. It opens up a whole new range of possibilities for exploration, expansion, alliances, and conflicts, adding depth and excitement to the gameplay experience.

It is worth noting that progressing through the ages is not a linear process. While the City Hall level requirement for entering the Iron Age is 10, players have the freedom to explore and experiment within the game. They can focus on building a strong foundation, improving infrastructure, or developing formidable military forces before advancing further.

The journey from one age to another in Rise of Kingdoms reflects the growth and development of a civilization. It requires strategic planning, resource management, and alliances to ensure survival and success in a challenging and competitive world.

Understanding the City Hall level requirement to enter the Iron Age is crucial for players aiming to advance their civilizations and reap the benefits of this pivotal game stage. As you progress and conquer new territories, remember that true dominance comes from a balanced approach of military prowess, economic stability, and diplomatic finesse. So gather your forces, build your empire, and prepare for the exciting challenges that await you in the Iron Age of Rise of Kingdoms.

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