What is the use of Duke kingdom title?

Answer: The Duke is the training title. It gives you a training buff while you are the holder of the title. You only need to be the holder of the title when you start the training, then the king or titlegiver can give it to someone else.

Some extra relevant information:

The Duke kingdom title in Rise of Kingdoms serves multiple important purposes and offers several benefits to players. This prestigious title represents a significant milestone in a player’s progression and brings with it a range of exclusive features and advantages.

First and foremost, becoming a Duke grants players the ability to establish their own Duchy within their kingdom. This allows them to exercise more control and influence over territory and resources. Dukes have the power to appoint Governors to manage specific cities within their Duchy, giving them the ability to strategically assign players to optimize their kingdom’s growth and defense.

Furthermore, Dukes possess the authority to designate the Capital City of their Duchy. The Capital City acts as the central hub of the entire Duchy, providing additional bonuses and perks to governors and enhancing the overall development and prosperity of the region.

Other prominent benefits of the Duke title include increased resource production rates for the entire Duchy. This boost helps in accelerating the growth of individual cities and improving the overall economic strength of the region. Additionally, Dukes gain access to unique technologies and buffs that can be researched to further enhance their kingdom’s military and economic capabilities.

It is worth noting that the Duke title also brings opportunities for diplomacy and cooperation. Dukes can forge alliances and form coalitions with other Dukes in their server, leading to stronger collaborative defense strategies and coordinated attacks on rival kingdoms.

In conclusion, the Duke kingdom title in Rise of Kingdoms is a significant achievement that bestows several advantages and responsibilities upon players. From establishing and managing a Duchy to enjoying increased resource production rates and diplomatic possibilities, Dukes play a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of their kingdom.

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