What is the power of CH 25?

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The power of CH 25, also known as City Hall 25, in Rise of Kingdoms is immense. Achieving City Hall level 25 is a significant milestone for any player, as it signifies their dominance and progress in the game.

When a player reaches CH 25, they unlock a plethora of new features and upgrades that significantly enhance their gameplay experience. Some of the notable benefits of reaching CH 25 are:

1. Expanded Territory: With CH 25, players can expand their city’s territory even further, allowing them to build more structures and accommodate a larger population. This allows for the development of a more robust and efficient city.

2. Enhanced Troops: Leveling up City Hall to 25 provides access to advanced technologies and upgrades, allowing players to train more powerful and specialized troops. These troops possess superior combat capabilities, making them formidable assets in battles and wars.

3. Access to Legendary Commanders: Reaching CH 25 unlocks new legendary commanders that can be obtained through various means, such as events or scouting. These commanders possess unique skills and abilities, providing players with strategic advantages on the battlefield.

4. Advanced Research: City Hall 25 grants players access to advanced technologies and research that can greatly enhance their city’s development and military capabilities. This includes improvements in resource production, training speed, and combat bonuses, among others.

5. Powerful Siege Units: At CH 25, players can unlock and train powerful siege units that are essential for attacking enemy structures and defending their own. These units possess devastating siege abilities, allowing players to conquer enemy cities and hold their ground against adversaries.

6. Increased Alliance Benefits: Reaching CH 25 opens up additional benefits within alliances. Players can contribute more to alliance technology, unlock higher-level alliance technologies, and access specialized alliance buildings and buffs.

In summary, the power of CH 25 in Rise of Kingdoms cannot be overstated. It allows players to expand territory, train advanced troops, recruit legendary commanders, conduct advanced research, utilize powerful siege units, and enjoy enhanced alliance benefits. Reaching City Hall level 25 is a significant accomplishment that greatly enhances a player’s influence, strategy, and overall gameplay experience.

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