What is the name of the revolution in 1688 which established the British constitutional monarchy?

Answer: Glorious Revolution

Some extra relevant information:

The revolution in 1688 that established the British constitutional monarchy is commonly known as the Glorious Revolution. This significant event in British history occurred when William of Orange, a Protestant Dutch prince, and his wife Mary Stuart, daughter of King James II, were invited to take the throne of England. The Glorious Revolution marked a turning point in British governance, as it resulted in the transfer of power from the monarchy to the Parliament and laid the foundation for the constitutional monarchy that exists in the United Kingdom today. The revolution brought about several important changes, including the passing of the Bill of Rights in 1689, which guaranteed certain civil liberties and limited the power of the monarchy. Overall, the Glorious Revolution played a crucial role in shaping Britain’s political landscape and establishing a balance of power between the monarchy and Parliament.

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