What is the effect of the accessory “Vengeance”?

Answer: The accessory “Vengeance” increases the counterattack damage of the commander by 9%.

Some extra relevant information:

The accessory “Vengeance” in Rise of Kingdoms can have a significant impact on your army’s performance and combat effectiveness. This accessory belongs to the Cavalry category and provides a unique skill called “Vengeance.”

When equipped on a Commander, Vengeance enhances the cavalry units’ abilities in battle. The accessory increases both the attack and defense attributes of cavalry troops, making them more formidable on the battlefield. This can greatly improve your army’s chances of victory, especially in cavalry-focused strategies and battles.

The Vengeance accessory also grants additional bonuses. Upon activating its skill, it provides a temporary boost to the march speed of your cavalry troops. This can be beneficial for various purposes such as quickly reinforcing allies or launching surprise attacks on enemy targets.

Another advantageous feature of Vengeance is its ability to inflict additional damage on enemy infantry units. This makes it a valuable asset when facing opponents who heavily rely on infantry troops. By equipping Vengeance, your cavalry forces can deal devastating blows to enemy infantry, increasing your chances of emerging victorious in battles.

It is worth noting that the effectiveness of Vengeance depends on the level and quality of the accessory. Higher-level and higher-quality versions of Vengeance will provide more substantial bonuses to your army. As you progress in the game, it is advisable to invest in upgrading and enhancing this accessory to maximize its potential.

In summary, the accessory “Vengeance” is a powerful asset for cavalry-focused commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. With its improved attack and defense attributes, temporary march speed boost, and bonus damage against enemy infantry, Vengeance can significantly enhance the performance of your cavalry troops, leading to greater success on the battlefield.

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