What is the duration of the builder recruitment item?

Answer: 48 hours (2 days)

Some extra relevant information:

The builder recruitment item in Rise of Kingdoms is a valuable resource that allows players to instantly recruit and deploy additional builders for construction purposes. This item effectively reduces the waiting time typically associated with recruiting new builders, allowing players to expedite their city development and expansion.

The duration of the builder recruitment item varies depending on its level and rarity. Each item has a specific time reduction value associated with it, which determines how much time will be deducted when using the item. For example, a common builder recruitment item might reduce the recruitment time by 10 minutes, while a rare builder recruitment item could decrease it by 30 minutes or more.

It is important to note that the effects of builder recruitment items are temporary and time-limited. They only apply to the specific instance in which they are used and do not have a long-lasting impact on the player’s overall builder availability. Once the reduced time duration elapses, the player will have to wait the original recruitment time for additional builders.

To make the most efficient use of builder recruitment items, it is advisable to save them for critical moments when time is of the essence. These items are particularly useful when players need to quickly complete important construction projects or maximize their city’s growth during limited-time events.

In conclusion, the duration of the builder recruitment item in Rise of Kingdoms varies based on its rarity and level. While it offers a temporary reduction in recruitment time, players must be mindful of the item’s limited effects and plan their usage strategically to maximize its benefits.

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