What is the best country to pick

Answer: It’s a tough one as you have to pick without knowing anything much about the game. Check out this page in our guide with gives a short opinion on each of the Nations in the game: https://www.appgamer.com/rise-of-civilizations/strategy-guide/selecting-a-starting-commander-and-nation

Some extra relevant information:

When starting a game like Rise of Kingdoms, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing the best country to play as. Each country offers unique advantages and focuses on different aspects of gameplay. So, which country is the best to pick? Well, it ultimately depends on your preferred playstyle and goals within the game.

One popular choice is Rome. The Roman civilization in Rise of Kingdoms excels in building a powerful infrastructure and economy. Their unique civilization skill, “Roman Architect,” reduces the resource cost for building and upgrading structures, allowing you to develop your city quickly. Additionally, their strong marching speed and increased training speed for infantry troops make them a formidable force on the battlefield.

If you prefer a more aggressive approach, Germany might be the best country for you. The Germans have a unique bonus called “Iron Will,” which grants them increased attack power when launching rallies or attacking other players. This makes them a formidable force on the battlefield. Moreover, Germany has fantastic cavalry units, making it an ideal choice for players who love cavalry-based strategies.

For players who prefer a balanced approach, Britain can be an excellent choice. The British civilization offers bonuses to archer units and gathering resources from resource nodes, as well as increased troop capacity for their commanders. This versatility allows you to have a well-rounded army while focusing on resource management.

Another good option is China, known for its economic benefits. The Chinese civilization increases troop load capacity, allowing you to gather more resources per trip. Furthermore, their unique skill, “Art of War,” provides a bonus to the healing effectiveness of their commanders, making your troops more durable and resilient.

Ultimately, the best country to pick is subjective and depends on your preferred playstyle and goals. Some players prioritize military strength and domination, while others focus on resource management and development. It’s essential to choose a country that aligns with your playstyle and allows you to enjoy the game to its fullest. Experiment with different civilizations to find the one that suits you best and embrace the journey of building a mighty empire in Rise of Kingdoms.

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