What is the Architect Buff?

Answer: This is useful to ask for if you are about to start a long building task. Having The Architect buff activated on your City before you start the building task in your City will reduce the total time of the build by a percentage.

Some extra relevant information:

The Architect Buff is a unique feature in the mobile strategy game Rise of Kingdoms. This buff provides a significant boost to the construction speed of buildings, allowing players to upgrade their structures at a faster rate.

When activated, the Architect Buff reduces the time required to complete construction projects in your city. This can be incredibly useful as you progress through the game and need to upgrade your buildings to unlock new technologies, units, and other benefits.

To obtain the Architect Buff, players must construct and upgrade the Architect’s Workshop in their city. The higher the level of the workshop, the greater the boost to construction speed that can be obtained. Additionally, certain research technologies can further enhance the effects of the Architect Buff.

Players can acquire the Architect Buff by using items called “Plan Fragments” or by participating in events or special campaigns. Plan Fragments can be earned through gameplay activities such as completing objectives, participating in battles, or collecting rewards.

Once the Architect Buff is activated, its effects will be visible in the construction queue of your city. Each building that is under construction will have reduced build times, allowing you to complete your upgrades faster and progress more rapidly in the game.

It is important to note that the Architect Buff has a limited duration, typically ranging from a few hours to several days, depending on how it was obtained. After the buff expires, the construction speed will return to its normal rate, unless another Architect Buff is applied.

In conclusion, the Architect Buff is a valuable asset in Rise of Kingdoms, enabling players to accelerate their construction projects and advance their gameplay progression. By strategically utilizing this feature, players can efficiently upgrade their buildings and gain an edge in the game.

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