What is general buff?

Answer: Having the ‘General’ means you will get a reduction in the amount of time it takes for you to train troops. You need to have the General buff before you start troop training. I think it takes off 10 or 15% off the troops training time. Couple that with the training rune, and you’ll get even more time of your troop training.

Some extra relevant information:

A general buff is a term commonly used in gaming, including in the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms. In gaming, buffs refer to temporary enhancements or improvements given to a character, unit, or aspect of the game. A general buff specifically relates to the enhancement of a commander or a group of commanders in a game.

In Rise of Kingdoms, commanders are essential characters that lead your armies, govern your cities, and play a crucial role in your overall gameplay strategy. Each commander possesses unique skills and talents that can significantly impact battles and the growth of your civilization.

A general buff, in this context, refers to a temporary boost or enhancement in the abilities, skills, or attributes of commanders. These buffs can be acquired through various means such as events, items, or the game mechanics itself. They can provide a significant advantage in battles, resource gathering, or other aspects of gameplay.

General buffs may enhance a commander’s attack, defense, health, marching speed, or other specific attributes. They can also increase the effectiveness of certain skills or abilities, making commanders more powerful and versatile in battle.

The availability of general buffs can vary depending on the game and the specific context. Some buffs may require completing specific tasks or achievements, participating in events, or using in-game resources. Additionally, general buffs can sometimes be obtained through the use of items that enhance a commander’s abilities for a limited duration.

As these buffs are temporary, players need to strategically plan their utilization based on their goals and the current state of the game. Timing and coordinating the use of general buffs with other aspects of gameplay, such as alliances or events, can maximize their impact and provide a significant advantage.

In conclusion, a general buff in gaming, including in Rise of Kingdoms, refers to temporary enhancements or improvements given to commanders. These buffs can enhance their abilities, attributes, or specific skills, providing players with an advantage in battles and other aspects of gameplay. Strategic planning and timing are key to making the most of general buffs and achieving success in the game.

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