What is commander Eulji Mundeok good at?

Answer: Leading infantry units

Some extra relevant information:

Commander Eulji Mundeok is a versatile and powerful commander in the mobile strategy game Rise of Kingdoms. He belongs to the infantry unit category and is known for his defensive capabilities and crowd control skills.

One of Eulji Mundeok’s standout abilities is “Art of War,” which allows him to decrease all enemy troops’ active skill damage by a certain percentage. This makes him a formidable defender in battles, as he can significantly weaken the enemy’s offensive capabilities. In addition, Eulji Mundeok’s expertise skill, “Unruly Blood,” boosts the damage dealt by infantry units, further enhancing their effectiveness on the battlefield.

Another key aspect of Eulji Mundeok is his talent tree, which allows players to focus on different aspects of his abilities. The “Skillful Strategist” talent tree improves his talent in defensive tactics, allowing him to withstand attacks from enemies longer and grant more significant buffs to his troops. On the other hand, the “Garrison” talent tree enhances his defensive capabilities even further, making him an ideal commander to defend cities or structures.

Eulji Mundeok is also an excellent commander to pair with other infantry commanders, such as Sun Tzu or Charles Martel, as he can provide additional buffs and synergies to strengthen the infantry troops’ overall performance. This makes him a popular choice for players who prefer an infantry-based strategy and defensive gameplay.

In summary, Eulji Mundeok excels at defensive tactics, crowd control, and reducing enemy damage. His powerful defensive skills, along with his talent tree options, make him an exceptional commander for holding the line and protecting your cities or structures. When paired with other infantry commanders, he can create a formidable force on the battlefield.

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