What information does the item Deceptive Troops falsify for enemy scouts?

Answer: The item Deceptive Troops falsifies troop type information for enemy scouts.

Some extra relevant information:

In the strategic game Rise of Kingdoms, one of the most valuable items to have in your arsenal is the Deceptive Troops. This item plays a crucial role in misdirecting and confusing enemy scouts during reconnaissance missions. So, what information does the Deceptive Troops falsify for enemy scouts? Let’s find out.

When an enemy scout tries to gather intelligence on your troops, they rely on various factors such as troop type, numbers, and their respective power levels. However, with the Deceptive Troops item, the information gathered by enemy scouts is misleading, creating a false perception of your military strength and composition.

Firstly, the Deceptive Troops item falsifies the actual number of troops present in the targeted location. For example, if you have 10,000 troops, the Deceptive Troops may make it appear as if you have double or triple that number. This can make enemy scouts believe you have a significantly larger army, discouraging them from launching an attack or giving you an advantage during negotiations.

Moreover, the Deceptive Troops also manipulate the type of troops misrepresented during enemy scouting missions. For instance, if you have a majority of infantry units but would prefer to create the impression of a more balanced army, the Deceptive Troops can mask the composition, making it appear as if you have a more diverse range of troops, including cavalry and archers. This can mislead your enemies about your true military capabilities and potentially undermine their tactical decision-making process.

Furthermore, the Deceptive Troops item can also distort the power level of your troops. Each troop has a power level associated with it, which reflects its overall strength. By utilizing the Deceptive Troops, you can inflate the power level of your units, making them seem more formidable than they actually are. This can dissuade enemy scouts from attacking you, as they may perceive your forces as too strong to overcome.

In summary, the Deceptive Troops item offers a range of false information to enemy scouts conducting reconnaissance missions. It falsifies troop numbers, type, and power levels, creating a distorted representation of your actual military might. By utilizing this item strategically, you can deceive your opponents, deter attacks, and gain an advantageous position in Rise of Kingdoms.

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