What happens to your city if it destroyed? Do I lose buildings? Do I lose research mid research? What happens to my troops? What happens to the heroes? Why is there no information on this?

Answer: You don’t lose buildings or research, your heroes are fine.

Some extra relevant information:

When your city is destroyed in Rise of Kingdoms, several consequences can occur. Let’s take a closer look at each aspect:

1. Buildings: If your city gets completely destroyed, your buildings will be severely damaged. However, the good news is that you won’t lose any of them permanently. Once the city is rebuilt or moved to a new location, your buildings will be restored, although they may require repairs and upgrades.

2. Research: During the destruction of your city, ongoing research will be put on hold. However, the progress you have made will not be lost. Once your city is rebuilt, you can resume your research right where you left off.

3. Troops: If your city is destroyed, your troops will suffer losses. Some of them may even be killed or severely injured in the process. However, not all your troops will perish, as a portion of them will manage to escape and seek refuge in nearby allied cities or garrisons. You can then heal and recover these surviving troops later on.

4. Heroes: In the event of city destruction, your heroes are not lost permanently. They will be forced to retreat and seek shelter, just like your troops. You can find them again and bring them back to your service once you rebuild your city or relocate to a new one.

It’s understandable that there may be a lack of detailed information available regarding these consequences in the game. Sometimes, developers don’t explicitly provide all the specifics to create an element of surprise or to encourage players to strategize and prepare for potential attacks. However, the general principles outlined above apply to most scenarios in which a city is destroyed.

In summary, when your city is destroyed in Rise of Kingdoms, your buildings will be damaged but can be restored, ongoing research will be paused but not lost, troops will suffer losses but some will escape, and heroes will retreat but can be reclaimed. It’s crucial to take precautions to defend your city and minimize the risk of destruction, such as joining an alliance, strengthening your defenses, and coordinating with allies for support during times of war.

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