What happen to armies in the flag?

Answer: They defend the flag. If they are attacked while in the flag they could well die, they all die if the flag is defeated by a strong attack. And I’m not talking hospital here… Dead…

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to the popular mobile strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, armies play a crucial role in conquering territories, defending your city, and engaging in epic battles. Understanding what happens to armies stationed in flags is essential for effective gameplay.

Flags are structures that can be built by alliances or individual players in Rise of Kingdoms. They serve as waypoints, bases, or strategic points for securing territories. Once a flag is constructed, players can station armies within its vicinity.

So, what happens to armies stationed in flags? Well, there are a few possibilities:

1. Defense: Armies stationed in a flag act as defenders, protecting the flag and the surrounding territory from enemy attacks. If your flag is targeted by another player or alliance, the defending armies will automatically engage in battle to repel the invaders. The outcome of the battle depends on various factors such as the power of the armies involved, the presence of commanders, and the utilization of strategic buffs or tactics.

2. Reinforcements: Armies can also be stationed in flags to provide reinforcements to allies or fellow alliance members. This is particularly useful during large-scale battles or when an alliance member requires additional support against a formidable opponent. Reinforcements can significantly bolster the strength and resilience of defending armies, potentially turning the tide of the battle in their favor.

3. Resource Collection: Flags can be built on resource nodes, such as farms, mines, or quarries. In such cases, armies stationed in the flag will aid in gathering resources from the surrounding area. This can be a passive way to accumulate resources over time, as the armies automatically perform the gathering tasks.

4. Strategic Positioning: Sometimes, players station armies in flags purely for strategic purposes. By positioning armies in key locations, players can monitor enemy movements, gain visibility on the map, or act as a deterrent to potential attackers. Additionally, having armies stationed in flags can offer a sense of control over a specific area, making it challenging for opponents to advance or expand their territories.

5. Mobility and Flexibility: Armies stationed in flags can easily be redeployed or moved to other locations when needed. This allows players to swiftly respond to changing battle scenarios, reinforce different fronts, or launch surprise attacks on unsuspecting enemies.

Understanding how armies function within flags is crucial for effective alliance coordination, territorial control, and successful battles in Rise of Kingdoms. By strategically deploying and managing armies in flags, players can protect their territories, support allies, accumulate resources, and gain a competitive edge in this immersive mobile strategy game.

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