What does it mean for you to be a farmer for another alliance?

Answer: Sounds like someone may want you to collect resources then give them to a member of another alliance. Doesn’t sound too good to me!

Some extra relevant information:

Being a farmer for another alliance in Rise of Kingdoms can be a beneficial and rewarding role. It involves dedicating your time and resources to support an alliance by producing an abundance of resources, which are then used for various purposes within the alliance.

As a farmer, your main responsibility is to focus on resource production. This means actively gathering resources such as food, wood, stone, and gold from resource nodes on the map. By doing so, you contribute to the alliance’s overall strength and growth by providing a steady supply of essential resources.

Being a farmer requires strategic planning and efficient resource management. You must prioritize gathering activities in resource-rich areas and utilize gathering commanders and equipment to maximize your resource output. This will ensure that you can provide a substantial amount of resources to your alliance regularly.

The resources you gather as a farmer can be utilized in various ways by the alliance. They are often used to upgrade alliance structures, build and train troops, research technologies, and support alliance members during wars or events. By consistently supplying the alliance with resources, you contribute to its development and help it thrive.

In return for your contribution as a farmer, the alliance may offer you benefits and protection. Some alliances have resource protection policies in place, ensuring that their farmers are safe from attacks by other players. Additionally, alliances often provide support and guidance to their farmers, helping them to improve their resource gathering efficiency and overall gameplay.

Being a farmer for another alliance can also be a great opportunity for personal growth. You can learn from experienced players within the alliance, gain insights into effective strategies, and participate in alliance activities such as rallies and wars. This allows you to further enhance your skills and knowledge in the game while contributing to the collective success of your alliance.

In conclusion, being a farmer for another alliance in Rise of Kingdoms means dedicating your time and efforts towards gathering resources to support the alliance’s growth. It is a role that requires strategic planning, resource management, and active participation. By being a valuable resource provider, you contribute to the overall strength and development of the alliance while gaining benefits and opportunities for personal growth within the game.

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