What does bring the second commander?

Answer: The secondary commander can use his skills, but not his talent tree.

Some extra relevant information:

In the strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, the addition of a second commander to your army brings numerous benefits and opportunities for enhancing your gameplay experience. By pairing two commanders together, players can unlock a variety of synergistic abilities and maximize the effectiveness of their troops on the battlefield.

First and foremost, having a second commander allows for the creation of powerful combinations. Each commander possesses unique skills and specializations, which can be strategically combined to create a well-rounded and formidable army. For example, pairing a commander with strong cavalry buffs, such as Baibars or Cao Cao, with another commander who excels at leading infantry forces, like Richard I or Charles Martel, allows players to leverage the strengths of both troop types simultaneously.

Moreover, having two commanders grants access to additional talent trees, which further augment the abilities and attributes of your army. By investing in the talents of both commanders, players can unlock bonuses such as increased troop capacity, enhanced resource gathering, improved combat stats, and more. This flexibility enables players to adapt their strategies and optimize their troops based on the specific objectives they wish to achieve.

In addition, the inclusion of a second commander brings additional versatility to battles. During combat, players can switch between their primary and secondary commanders. This allows for dynamic adjustments during different stages of a battle, as it grants the ability to utilize different skills and tactics based on the evolving circumstances. Whether it’s launching a surprise attack with a burst of damage or activating a defensive skill to withstand a concentrated enemy assault, the option to switch commanders adds depth and adaptability to your gameplay.

Furthermore, having a second commander can significantly impact the efficiency of resource management. By dispatching one commander to gather resources while the other focuses on combat or city management, players can maximize productivity and ensure a steady influx of resources. This ensures a steady progression, enabling players to maintain a competitive edge and keep up with the demands of expansion and development.

In conclusion, the introduction of a second commander in Rise of Kingdoms offers a host of benefits. From unlocking powerful combinations to accessing additional talents and enhancing versatility, players can optimize their gameplay experience and achieve greater success on the battlefield. Additionally, the ability to manage resources effectively assists in maintaining steady growth and prosperity. So, don’t hesitate to bring a second commander to your army and experience the multitude of advantages they bring!

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