What Chieftain from the Ceroli Crisis event is well-versed in poison magic?

Answer: Poison is dekar and mounted is torgny

Some extra relevant information:

The Ceroli Crisis event in Rise of Kingdoms introduces players to a diverse set of Chieftains, each with their own unique abilities. One of these Chieftains stands out for their expertise in poison magic. Meet Rok, the venomous warrior who excels at wreaking havoc on the battlefield with his deadly poison attacks.

Rok is a legendary Chieftain with a primary focus on poison-related abilities. His specialization in poison magic makes him a formidable force against enemy troops, allowing him to deal significant damage over time. With Rok on your side, you can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

One of Rok’s key abilities is “Poisonous Burst,” which unleashes a cloud of toxic gas that engulfs multiple enemy units. This poisonous cloud effectively weakens the enemy’s defenses while inflicting damage over time. Rok’s poison attacks not only deal direct damage but also hinder the enemy’s ability to effectively fight back.

Additionally, Rok’s “Curse of Venom” skill allows him to enhance the damage dealt by his fellow allied commanders. By using this skill, Rok ensures that the entire team benefits from his poison magic expertise, maximizing their effectiveness on the battlefield.

To further bolster his poison-related abilities, Rok has several talent trees that players can invest in. These talent trees offer various upgrades and enhancements, allowing players to customize Rok’s abilities to suit their preferred playstyle.

It is important to note that while Rok is exceptional in poison magic, he also possesses unique abilities that make him a versatile commander. His skills and talent trees offer players the flexibility to focus on different aspects of combat, whether it be increased damage output or improved support capabilities.

In conclusion, Rok is an outstanding Chieftain in the Ceroli Crisis event, distinguished for his proficiency in poison magic. With his deadly poison attacks, Rok brings a new level of strategy and devastation to the battlefield. Whether you’re looking to dominate enemy forces or support your allies, Rok is an excellent choice for any player seeking to harness the power of poison magic in Rise of Kingdoms.

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