What benefit does researching “Mathematics” in the Academy provide?

Answer: Increase research speedups.

Some extra relevant information:

Researching “Mathematics” in the Academy in the Rise of Kingdoms game offers several benefits to players. This strategic choice can greatly enhance gameplay and provide a competitive edge.

Firstly, researching “Mathematics” unlocks the ability to build and upgrade more advanced structures in the game. This includes the Academy itself, as well as other important buildings such as the Wall, Storehouse, and Market. Upgrading these structures not only enhances their functionality but also improves their defensive capabilities, making your city more resilient against enemy attacks.

Furthermore, the “Mathematics” research also provides a significant increase in resource production. This boost is crucial for maintaining a strong economy within your kingdom. By investing in this research, players can see improvements in their wood, food, stone, and gold production rates. With increased resource production, players will have an easier time expanding their city, training troops, and conducting research in other areas.

Additionally, researching “Mathematics” unlocks several valuable technologies that can benefit your gameplay. These technologies include “Geometry” and “Logistics.” “Geometry” increases the carrying capacity of your troops, allowing you to transport more resources and troops at once. This is particularly useful when participating in battles or gathering resources far from your city. “Logistics,” on the other hand, increases the marching speed of your troops, enabling faster response times and more efficient resource gathering.

Lastly, the “Mathematics” research tree provides a significant boost to the overall research speed in your Academy. This means that all future research projects will be completed faster, enabling you to unlock crucial technologies and upgrades more quickly.

In conclusion, researching “Mathematics” in the Academy in the Rise of Kingdoms game offers several benefits. These include unlocking advanced structures, increasing resource production, unlocking valuable technologies, and speeding up future research projects. Investing in this research can significantly enhance your gameplay and give you a competitive advantage in the game.

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