What are the INDIVIDUAL CREDITS used for?

Answer: These are used to purchase items in the alliance shop. These are the items that your alliance put in their own shop, using Alliance credits, you them purchase them with your individual credits 😃

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms, individual credits play a crucial role in advancing your progress and unlocking various benefits. These credits, also known as individual honor points, are accumulated through various in-game activities and can be used for several purposes.

One primary use of individual credits is to upgrade your VIP level. The VIP level system offers players a range of exclusive benefits like increased resource production, faster construction and research times, and additional daily rewards. By spending individual credits, you can earn VIP points, which ultimately help you level up your VIP status and enjoy these perks.

Another significant use of individual credits is to purchase items from the Alliance Shop. The Alliance Shop offers a variety of valuable items that can enhance your gameplay, such as speed-ups, resource packs, and even powerful equipment for your commanders. By spending your individual credits here, you can acquire these essential items and strengthen your civilization.

Additionally, individual credits can be exchanged for individual honor during the Heroic Anthem event. This event allows players to compete against each other to earn individual and alliance rankings. By contributing individual credits, you can earn individual honor, which influences your ranking and determines the rewards you receive at the end of the event.

It’s worth noting that individual credits can also be utilized for some limited-time events or special offers that periodically appear in the game. These events often provide exclusive rewards or bonuses, and spending your individual credits wisely can help you make the most of these opportunities.

To earn individual credits, engage in activities that grant them, such as battling barbarians, participating in events, completing daily quests, and donating to the alliance technology tree. By actively participating in the game and making strategic choices, you can maximize your individual credits and make significant progress in Rise of Kingdoms.

In summary, individual credits in Rise of Kingdoms are valuable resources that can be exchanged for various benefits. From upgrading your VIP level to purchasing items from the Alliance Shop and participating in events, these credits play a crucial role in advancing your gameplay and strengthening your civilization. Make sure to collect and spend them wisely to optimize your gaming experience.

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