What are honor points

Answer: You collect these in the Lost Kingdom event for some massive rewards. You can read all about Honor Roll and how to get honor points here:

Some extra relevant information:

Honor points are a valuable currency in the popular mobile strategy game, Rise of Kingdoms. These points play a significant role in determining a player’s ranking and prestige within the game’s community.

In Rise of Kingdoms, honor points serve as a measure of a player’s skill, dedication, and achievements. They are earned through various in-game activities such as participating in battles, completing quests, successfully defending your city, and contributing to alliance activities.

Honor points allow players to unlock and upgrade powerful technologies, purchase exclusive items, and access special events and rewards. They can be used to enhance the strength and efficiency of your troops, strengthen your buildings, and bolster your overall gameplay performance.

Furthermore, honor points contribute to a player’s overall ranking and standing in the game. They determine a player’s position on the leaderboard, showcasing their progress and success compared to other players. The higher the honor points, the higher a player’s rank and the more respected they become in the Rise of Kingdoms community.

Earning honor points requires strategic thinking, active participation, and effective teamwork. Joining and contributing to an alliance is crucial, as it allows players to engage in alliance-related activities and earn significant amounts of honor points. Collaborating with alliance members in battles, raids, and resource sharing is a great way to accumulate honor points quickly.

Engaging in PvP (Player vs. Player) combat also offers an opportunity to earn honor points. Participating in rallies, capturing enemy territories, and successfully defending your own can lead to substantial point gains.

In conclusion, honor points in Rise of Kingdoms are a crucial currency that reflects a player’s achievements, skills, and overall performance in the game. By accumulating honor points, players can unlock valuable resources, strengthen their gameplay, and establish their reputation as formidable leaders within the Rise of Kingdoms community.

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