What are books of covenant used for?

Answer: Books of Covenant are used to research and unlock advanced technologies in the Academy.

Some extra relevant information:

Books of Covenant are important items in the popular mobile strategy game Rise of Kingdoms. The game is set in a historical backdrop, where players take on the role of leaders of their own civilizations. Books of Covenant play a crucial role in the development and progression of your commanders in the game.

In Rise of Kingdoms, commanders are essential characters who lead your armies and play a vital role in battles and other activities. They have unique skills, talents, and specializations that can be upgraded and enhanced using various resources, one of which is the Book of Covenant.

Books of Covenant are primarily used to increase the star level of commanders. When a commander’s star level rises, their maximum level cap is increased, allowing them to gain more experience and power. The higher the star level, the stronger the commander becomes.

To use a Book of Covenant, you need to have a matching amount of sculptures of that specific commander. These sculptures are obtained through various in-game activities such as events, chests, bundles, or by defeating barbarian forts and gathering their drops.

Once you have enough sculptures, you can navigate to the commander tab and select the specific commander you wish to upgrade. From there, you can click on the “Upgrade” button, which will open a window showing you the required resources for leveling up. If you have enough sculptures and Books of Covenant, you can proceed to increase their star level.

It is important to note that the number of sculptures required increases significantly as you progress to higher star levels. This means that acquiring Books of Covenant becomes crucial for the growth and advancement of your commanders.

In order to obtain Books of Covenant, you can participate in events that offer them as rewards, complete certain quests or objectives, or obtain them through in-game purchases. They are considered valuable resources, so managing them wisely is essential for maximizing your commanders’ potential.

In conclusion, Books of Covenant are used in Rise of Kingdoms to increase the star level of commanders, allowing them to reach higher levels of power and effectiveness. Acquiring these books through various means is vital for the development and progression of your commanders, ultimately impacting your success in battles and other gameplay aspects.

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