What age did ancient Greece enter after the Mycenaean civilization was destroyed?

Answer: The Greek Dark Ages.

Some extra relevant information:

After the fall of the Mycenaean civilization, ancient Greece entered a period known as the Greek Dark Ages. This era lasted from around 1100 BC to 800 BC and is characterized by a decline in civilization and cultural output. The exact cause of the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization is still debated among historians, but factors such as invasions, economic instability, and natural disasters are believed to have played a role.

During the Greek Dark Ages, many of the advancements achieved during the Mycenaean period were lost. Cities were abandoned, trade networks collapsed, and writing systems such as Linear B became obsolete. The population decreased significantly, and people started to live in smaller settlements, mostly engaged in subsistence farming.

This period is referred to as the “Dark Ages” because there is a dearth of written records and archaeological evidence from this time. Without a writing system, the history of this period has mostly been reconstructed through pottery styles, burial practices, and oral traditions passed down through generations.

From around 800 BC, Greece gradually emerged from the Dark Ages, signaling the beginning of the Archaic period. This new era brought about social, political, and cultural changes. The emergence of the Greek city-states (polis) and the reestablishment of trade networks led to increased contact and exchange of ideas with other civilizations, such as the Phoenicians and Egyptians.

The Archaic period laid the foundation for the remarkable achievements of ancient Greece in the subsequent Classical age. It saw the rise of city-states like Athens and Sparta, the development of democratic institutions, advancements in the arts, literature, philosophy, and the establishment of the Olympic Games.

In conclusion, the ancient Greek civilization entered the Greek Dark Ages following the decline and collapse of the Mycenaean civilization. This period of instability and cultural decline lasted from approximately 1100 BC to 800 BC, after which Greece entered the Archaic period, setting the stage for the achievements and advancements that defined the Classical age.

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