Two alliances one is 832 e . the other 832 w. Are they from the same family and connected?

Answer: Most probably, but you should check the description on their alliance page to get more information.

Some extra relevant information:

The two alliances, 832 E and 832 W, might have similar numerical designations, but it is important to note that without further information, it cannot be definitively stated whether they are from the same family or connected in any way.

In Rise of Kingdoms, alliances are groups of players who band together for strategic and social purposes. They often share resources, coordinate attacks, and defend against common enemies. However, alliances can be created by players independently, and their numerical designations may not necessarily indicate any direct connection or relationship.

To determine if two alliances are from the same family or connected, it is necessary to gather more information such as the leadership, members, or shared goals and values. Looking into their in-game profiles or communicating with members can provide insights into any relationships or affiliations they might have.

In conclusion, while the numerical similarities between 832 E and 832 W alliances are intriguing, additional information is needed to ascertain whether they are from the same family or connected in any way.

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