To unlock the achievement ‘Huarong Trail”, you must use Guan Yu to defeat a

Answer: Cao Cao

Some extra relevant information:

powerful barbarian leader in the Rise of Kingdoms game. Guan Yu, also known as Guan Yu Kongming, is a legendary commander who played a significant role in the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China.

To begin the process of unlocking the achievement ‘Huarong Trail’, you need to locate a barbarian leader on the map. Barbarian leaders are powerful NPCs that can be found scattered throughout the game world. They are often surrounded by smaller barbarian troops, so make sure you come prepared with a strong army.

Once you have spotted a barbarian leader, send Guan Yu and your army to engage in battle. Guan Yu is a versatile and powerful commander, renowned for his exceptional combat abilities. His skills, such as the passive skill “God of War,” which increases the damage he deals to barbarians, make him an ideal choice for this task.

During the battle, focus your efforts on defeating the barbarian leader while keeping your army alive. Guan Yu’s active skill, “Saint of War,” deals a tremendous amount of damage to a single target, including the barbarian leader. Timing the usage of this skill correctly can greatly increase your chances of success.

Once you have successfully defeated the barbarian leader using Guan Yu’s might, you will unlock the achievement ‘Huarong Trail’. This achievement serves as a testament to your skill and strategic prowess in the game. It also rewards you with various in-game rewards, such as resources or special items, which can further enhance your gameplay experience.

Remember, unlocking achievements in Rise of Kingdoms requires careful planning, tactical decision-making, and the proper utilization of commanders like Guan Yu. So keep exploring the game world, hunting down powerful enemies, and rising to victory.

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