The Alliance Technology ‘œTerritory Guardian’ increases which attribute of troop when battling in Alliance territory?

Answer: The ‘Territory Guardian’ Alliance Technology increases the troop’s Defense attribute when battling in Alliance territory.

Some extra relevant information:

The Alliance Technology ‘Territory Guardian’ in Rise of Kingdoms is an essential research branch that provides a significant attribute increase to troops when battling in Alliance territory.

The main attribute that is boosted by the ‘Territory Guardian’ technology is the troop’s defense. This means that when this technology is researched and active, your troops will have a higher defense value when fighting on Alliance territory.

Having a strong defense is crucial in battles as it enables your troops to withstand more damage from enemy attacks. By investing in the ‘Territory Guardian’ technology, you can enhance your troops’ ability to protect themselves and increase their chances of surviving battles.

It’s important to note that these benefits will only apply when your troops are battling on Alliance territory. Therefore, it is recommended to strategically position your forces in your Alliance’s territory during conflicts to take full advantage of this technology.

By focusing on the ‘Territory Guardian’ research branch, you can bolster your troops’ defense in alliance territory, giving you a significant advantage in battles. This will help fortify your position and contribute to your alliance’s overall strength and success in Rise of Kingdoms.

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