Sanctum of courage gives you what buff?

Answer: The Sanctum of Courage gives a buff to attack and defense.

Some extra relevant information:

The Sanctum of Courage in Rise of Kingdoms provides a powerful buff that can greatly enhance your troops’ combat capabilities. This special building grants the “Courageous Heart” buff, which boosts the attack and defense attributes of your army.

When you activate the Courageous Heart buff in the Sanctum of Courage, your troops will receive a significant increase in both attack and defense stats. This means they will deal more damage to enemy forces while also being tougher to defeat in battle.

The duration of the Courageous Heart buff depends on the level of your Sanctum of Courage. At lower levels, it may last for a few hours, while at higher levels, it can last for multiple days. It’s crucial to plan your gameplay strategically to make the most of these buff durations.

During wartime or when engaging in battles, activating the Courageous Heart buff can give you a crucial advantage over your opponents. The increased attack power will allow your forces to deal more damage, leading to quicker victories on the battlefield. Moreover, the enhanced defense will ensure that fewer of your troops are lost in combat.

Keep in mind that while the Sanctum of Courage provides a formidable buff, it’s not a standalone solution for victory. Combining it with other gameplay strategies, such as troop composition, commander pairing, and alliance coordination, will maximize your chances of success.

Overall, the Sanctum of Courage’s “Courageous Heart” buff is a valuable asset to strengthen your military force and improve your chances of dominating the battlefield in Rise of Kingdoms. Make sure to utilize this buff wisely and coordinate with your alliance to achieve your goals in the game.

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