Sanctum of courage gives what buff?

Answer: commander Xp 10%

Some extra relevant information:

In the world of Rise of Kingdoms, the Sanctum of Courage is a fascinating building that offers various benefits to its owners. One of the main buffs that this structure provides is the “Courageous Heart” buff.

The Courageous Heart buff is a powerful bonus that enhances a commander’s combat capabilities. When this buff is active, commanders stationed or leading troops from the city with the Sanctum of Courage receive substantial boosts to their troop’s offensive and defensive stats. This means that the buff can significantly increase a commander’s overall strength in battles, making them more formidable adversaries.

More specifically, the Courageous Heart buff provides a remarkable 10% increase to both infantry and cavalry attack and defense stats. This means that troops led by commanders from the city with the Sanctum of Courage become significantly more effective when engaging in combat scenarios.

Having the Courageous Heart buff active can be a game-changer in both offensive and defensive situations. It allows commanders to deal more damage to enemy troops while also improving their ability to sustain attacks. This makes the Sanctum of Courage a highly sought-after building for players who prioritize military strength and domination in the game.

Overall, the Sanctum of Courage grants the Courageous Heart buff, boosting infantry and cavalry attack and defense by 10%, making it an invaluable asset for anyone looking to strengthen their army and gain an advantage on the battlefield in Rise of Kingdoms.

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