Of the below commanders, which is best suited to lead troops AGAINST infantry enemies?

Answer: Sun Tzu.

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to leading troops against infantry enemies in Rise of Kingdoms, there are several commanders who excel in this role. Each commander has unique skills and talents that can be effectively utilized in battle. Let’s delve into the top commanders best suited for this task:

1. Charles Martel: Known as the “Shield of the Carolingians,” Charles Martel is an exceptional commander for countering infantry units. His active skill, “Hold the Line,” deals a massive amount of damage to the enemy’s infantry and reduces their attack for a short period. Additionally, his expertise skill “Iron Wall” increases the infantry’s defense and counterattack damage, making him a formidable opponent against infantry-focused enemies.

2. Richard I: Richard I, also known as the “Cœur de Lion,” is another great choice for leading troops against infantry foes. His active skill, “Majestic Roar,” not only damages the enemy but also reduces their infantry units’ attack and defense for a few seconds. His expertise skill, “Knightly Valor,” significantly boosts the infantry’s attack and defense, making them even more deadly.

3. Guan Yu: As a legendary commander, Guan Yu shines in combat against infantry enemies. His active skill, “God of War,” charges into battle and deals direct damage to the target, while also reducing the target’s rage and attack. His expertise skill, “Saint of War,” further increases the infantry’s damage and reduces the skill damage taken, making them highly effective against enemy infantry.

4. Sun Tzu: Although primarily known for his versatile leadership, Sun Tzu can also excel at leading troops against infantry. His active skill, “Art of War,” damages and reduces the attack of the target’s troops. His expertise skill, “Master Strategist,” enables the infantry to deal additional damage and reduces the damage taken from infantry.

5. Yi Seong-Gye: As the commander of Goryeo, Yi Seong-Gye possesses great skills to counter infantry enemies. His active skill, “Rain of Arrows,” deals significant AOE damage to the enemy troops. With his expertise skill, “Scorched Earth,” the infantry’s attack is boosted, and the targets also have a chance to be slowed down, enhancing their overall performance.

These commanders are renowned for their abilities to lead troops against infantry-focused enemies in Rise of Kingdoms. Choosing the right commander from this list, based on your playstyle and preference, will greatly enhance your chances of victory on the battlefield.

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