Of the below commanders, which is best suited to lead troops against cavalry enemies?

Answer: Sun tzu

Some extra relevant information:

When facing cavalry enemies in Rise of Kingdoms, having the right commander leading your troops can make a significant difference on the outcome of the battle. While there are several commanders who can excel in this situation, there is one standout option who is best suited for the job – Charles Martel.

Charles Martel is a versatile commander from the France civilization with a powerful skill set that specifically targets cavalry units. His active skill, “Kingdom’s Rise,” deals direct damage to up to five enemy targets, with an additional damage bonus against cavalry units. This makes him incredibly effective at weakening and eliminating enemy cavalry forces.

In addition to his active skill, Charles Martel has an impressive defensive skill set that further enhances his suitability for countering cavalry enemies. His “Shield of Francia” skill increases the damage reduction of his troops, making them harder to break through. He also has a “Hold the Line” skill that boosts the health of his own troops and decreases the enemy’s march speed. These abilities combined make Charles Martel a formidable force against cavalry-heavy armies.

Moreover, Charles Martel’s expertise skill, “Iron Wall,” further boosts his effectiveness against cavalry. This expertise ability increases the damage bonus dealt to cavalry units, making him an even more potent threat against them.

When pairing Charles Martel with the right secondary commander, his abilities can be further enhanced. Combinations with commanders like Richard I or Eulji Mundeok can provide additional cavalry-focused bonuses, making the duo an unbeatable force against cavalry enemies.

In conclusion, when it comes to countering cavalry enemies in Rise of Kingdoms, Charles Martel stands out as the best-suited commander for the task. His powerful active skill, defensive abilities, and expertise skill all contribute to his exceptional effectiveness against cavalry units. From weakening and eliminating cavalry forces to bolstering troop defenses, Charles Martel can turn the tide of battle when facing cavalry-heavy armies.

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