Not one of El Cids skills?

Answer: El Cid’s skills are “Eye for an Eye,” “The Conqueror,” and “Unyielding Spirit.”

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular mobile strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, El Cid is a highly sought-after legendary commander known for his prowess on the battlefield. With a rich history as a celebrated Spanish warrior, El Cid brings a unique blend of power and versatility to any army he leads. While he possesses a formidable set of skills, it is worth noting that one particular skill does not directly belong to El Cid.

El Cid’s skill set consists of four powerful abilities that can completely alter the outcome of battles. These skills are:

1. The Champion’s Glory: This active skill increases the damage dealt by El Cid’s troops and reduces their target’s defense. This ability is essential for quickly overpowering enemy forces and turning the tide of battle in your favor.

2. The Campeador: El Cid’s first passive skill. It increases the attack and defense of infantry units under his command. This makes him a formidable commander to lead infantry-based armies, allowing for greater staying power during engagements.

3. El Cid’s second passive skill is called Reconquista. It increases the troops’ counterattack damage and provides them with a boost in march speed. This skill further enhances El Cid’s offensive capabilities and mobility on the battlefield.

4. Finally, El Cid’s most distinctive skill is the Exquisite Officer. This skill increases the march speed of the army he leads and provides a significant bonus to the damage dealt to structures such as enemy garrisons or resource points. With this ability, El Cid excels at sieges and taking down enemy fortifications with ease.

While each of these skills offers unique advantages, it is important to note that there is no skill in El Cid’s kit that allows him to heal troops directly. Unlike some other commanders, El Cid does not possess a healing or support skill. Consequently, he is best utilized as an offensive commander, focusing on dealing massive damage and leading aggressive attacks.

It is essential to use El Cid’s skills strategically, pairing him with other commanders whose skills complement his capabilities or compensate for any weaknesses. For example, pairing El Cid with commanders like Constantine or Richard I, who possess healing abilities, can create a well-rounded army that benefits from both offensive power and sustainment.

In conclusion, while El Cid is an exceptional commander in Rise of Kingdoms, it is worth noting that he lacks a healing or support skill. Nonetheless, his offensive prowess and ability to take down structures make him an invaluable asset on the battlefield when used judiciously alongside complementary commanders.

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