Is war frenzy only activated once you attack someone or does it keep resetting further with any offense we make?

Answer: War frenzy remains until 15 minutes after your last attack, so yes the countdown timer will keep resetting after every attack.

Some extra relevant information:

War Frenzy in Rise of Kingdoms is a temporary boost that enhances the power of your troops during battle. It is activated when you launch an attack on another player or a barbarian fortress. But does it keep resetting with each offense you make? Let’s find out.

War Frenzy is triggered by initiating an attack and remains active for a certain period of time. Once activated, it provides a significant increase in your troops’ attack and defense stats, making them more formidable on the battlefield.

However, it’s important to note that War Frenzy does not continuously reset with every offense you make. Instead, it has a fixed duration. Once the duration expires, you will need to wait for it to recharge before you can activate it again.

The duration of War Frenzy can vary depending on the level of the skill, technology, or commander that activates it. It typically lasts for a few hours but can be extended by upgrading relevant skills or utilizing specific buffs.

To make the most of War Frenzy, it’s crucial to plan your attacks strategically. Wait for the right moment to activate it, ensuring that it aligns with your overall battle strategy and objectives. Consider factors such as the strength of your enemy, the support you have, and the resources you aim to obtain.

Additionally, War Frenzy can be stacked with other buffs and boosts. By combining it with other skills, technologies, or items, you can further enhance your troops’ effectiveness during battles.

In conclusion, War Frenzy is a temporary boost activated when you initiate an attack in Rise of Kingdoms. While it does not reset with each offense, it has a fixed duration before it needs to recharge. Strategically timing its activation and combining it with other buffs will maximize its impact on the battlefield.

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