Is there a list here of Holy Sites and their buffs?

Answer: No, I don’t think there is, there are a lot of holy sites though.

Some extra relevant information:

Holy Sites and Their Buffs: A Comprehensive Guide

In the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, Holy Sites play a crucial role in providing significant buffs to your kingdom. These holy places are scattered across the map and offer various advantages that can greatly enhance your gameplay. In this article, we will explore a list of Holy Sites and the buffs they provide, giving you the knowledge to make informed decisions in your conquests.

1. Shrine of War:
The Shrine of War is a valuable Holy Site that grants a 5% increase to all troop capacity for the kingdom that controls it.

2. Altar of Darkness:
By controlling the Altar of Darkness, your kingdom will receive a 3% increase in troop attack.

3. Guardian Fortress:
The Guardian Fortress offers a 5% bonus to troop defense for the kingdom that holds it.

4. Holy Convent:
Control over the Holy Convent yields a 5% increase in healing effects for all troops in the kingdom.

5. Templar’s Hall:
The Templar’s Hall grants a 3% increase in troop health for the kingdom that controls it.

6. Citadel of Faith:
By holding the Citadel of Faith, your kingdom receives a 5% increase in resource gathering speed.

7. Monastery:
Control of the Monastery grants a 3% increase in research speed for the kingdom.

8. Tower of Light:
The Tower of Light provides a 5% increase in technology research speed for the kingdom that holds it.

9. Shrine of Life:
By controlling the Shrine of Life, your kingdom will receive a 3% increase in troop training speed.

10. Field of Glory:
The Field of Glory grants a 5% increase in troop march speed for the kingdom that controls it.

11. Sanctuary:
Control over the Sanctuary yields a 3% increase in gathering speed for all resources.

12. Temple of Wisdom:
The Temple of Wisdom provides a 5% increase in commander experience gained for the kingdom that holds it.

It’s worth noting that these Holy Sites may be captured by other kingdoms in the game. Hence, it is crucial to form alliances, strategize, and be prepared to defend or recapture them if necessary, as losing control means losing the associated buffs.

In conclusion, Holy Sites in Rise of Kingdoms deliver essential buffs to the kingdom that controls them, ranging from troop capacity and attack bonuses to resource gathering and research speed improvements. By understanding the buffs provided by each Holy Site, you can optimize your gameplay and give your kingdom an advantage in this competitive and thrilling game. So rally your troops, establish alliances, and set your sights on capturing and maintaining control over these Holy Sites to achieve greatness in Rise of Kingdoms.

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