Is it possible for me to immigrate my older account (kd1188) to a newer of that have not yet started KvK 1?

Answer: When you plan to migrate to a kingdom, you will see it’s status, so you need to check out the kingdom that you are planning to move to and see what it’s status is.

Some extra relevant information:

Are you wondering if it is possible to transfer your older Rise of Kingdoms account (kd1188) to a newer one that has not yet participated in KvK 1? The answer is unfortunately no.

Currently, the game does not support the transfer of accounts from one Kingdom to another, especially when it comes to the heavily anticipated event of KvK 1. KvK is a Kingdom vs. Kingdom event that brings together alliances from various Kingdoms to compete against each other, and it requires careful planning and strategy.

Once you have started KvK 1 in your existing Kingdom, it is not possible to transfer your account or join a different Kingdom to start KvK 1 again. This limitation is in place to maintain fairness and prevent any form of exploitation or imbalance in the game.

If you wish to start KvK 1 on a newer account, you will need to create a new account and join a Kingdom that has not yet initiated KvK 1. You will have the opportunity to experience KvK on this new account and grow alongside other players from the beginning of the event.

In conclusion, transferring an older account to a new one that hasn’t started KvK 1 is not possible. However, you can still enjoy the exciting KvK event by creating a new account and joining a Kingdom that has yet to participate in KvK 1. Happy conquering!

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