In which of these works does Sherlock Holmes make his first appearance?

Answer: A study in scarlet

Some extra relevant information:

Sherlock Holmes, the iconic detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, made his first appearance in the novel “A Study in Scarlet.” Published in 1887, this literary masterpiece introduced readers to the brilliant mind and deductive reasoning of Holmes, as well as his loyal companion, Dr. John Watson.

The story begins with Watson, recently returned from the war in Afghanistan, searching for affordable living arrangements in London. Through a mutual acquaintance, he is introduced to Holmes, who offers to split the expenses of a flat at 221B Baker Street. It is at this address that the famous detective’s adventures begin.

In “A Study in Scarlet,” Holmes is approached by a man named John Ferrier, seeking help in deciphering a mysterious warning he received. As the plot unfolds, Holmes utilizes his keen observation skills and logical thinking to unravel a complex murder case involving revenge, love, and survival set against the backdrop of the American Wild West.

This first encounter between Holmes and Watson forms the foundation of their legendary partnership, with Watson narrating their remarkable escapades throughout the series. “A Study in Scarlet” serves as an introduction to Sherlock Holmes’ remarkable abilities, from his astute attention to detail to his meticulous analysis of clues, establishing him as an extraordinary sleuth and captivating readers worldwide.

With the captivating character of Sherlock Holmes making his debut in “A Study in Scarlet,” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle laid the groundwork for one of the most beloved and enduring detective series in literary history. The novel set the stage for countless adaptations, spin-offs, and the enduring popularity of the brilliant detective, ensuring his legacy continues to captivate audiences across different mediums.

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