In the “Gather Resources” stage of the mightiest Governor event, how many points do you get for gathering 1 gem?

Answer: 10 points.

Some extra relevant information:

When participating in the “Gather Resources” stage of the Mightiest Governor event in Rise of Kingdoms, players earn points by gathering various resources. One common question that arises is how many points can be obtained for gathering 1 gem.

In this particular stage of the event, the points awarded for gathering gems are not fixed and can vary. The number of points you receive per gem depends on multiple factors such as your VIP level, commander talent points, research, and other bonuses.

To maximize your point gain from gathering gems during the event, here’s what you can do:

1. Invest in VIP levels: Higher VIP levels offer increased gathering speed, gathering buff duration, and gathering secondary rewards. These enhancements can help you gather gems more effectively and accumulate more points.

2. Strengthen your commanders: Enhancing your commanders through talent points can provide gathering speed bonuses, allowing you to gather gems faster. Focus on talents that improve gathering, such as “Gathering” or “More Than Gems.”

3. Conduct Research: Research technologies in the Academy that improve gathering speed, resource production, and gathering secondary rewards. These researches can provide additional benefits when gathering gems during the event.

4. Activate buffs and use items: Utilize gathering speed boost items, such as Resource Gathering Boosts or Gathering Speed items, to increase your efficiency when collecting gems. Additionally, event buffs that are occasionally available can provide temporary bonuses, allowing you to gather more gems and earn extra points.

Remember, the number of points awarded per gathered gem can differ based on your individual gameplay progress and enhancements. It’s essential to continuously improve your game and take advantage of available bonuses to maximize your point gains during the Mightiest Governor event.

Ensure that you strategically plan your gathering activities, invest in relevant upgrades, and capitalize on any available boosts to obtain the highest number of points per gem during this stage of the event. Best of luck as you gather resources and compete for victory in Rise of Kingdoms!

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