In the commander view page what buff do commanders acting as “iron guard” get?

Answer: Troop health

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, commanders play a vital role in leading armies and determining the outcome of battles. One of the notable features in the game is the commander view page, where players can explore various buffs and benefits associated with different commanders.

When it comes to the “iron guard” role, commanders are granted a specific buff. Iron guard commanders primarily excel in defensive capabilities, focusing on protecting your cities and armies. These commanders possess unique skills and talents that enhance their defensive prowess, enabling players to fortify their positions and survive enemy attacks.

The exact buff that iron guard commanders receive can vary depending on the specific commander chosen. Each commander possesses a different set of skills and talents, meaning that their buffs and effects will differ accordingly.

To fully understand the buff granted to iron guard commanders, it is essential to examine the individual skills and talents of the commanders themselves. In Rise of Kingdoms, notable iron guard commanders include Richard I, Charles Martel, and Eulji Mundeok.

Richard I, for example, is renowned for his “Shield of the Saint” skill, which increases the defense of his troops significantly. Additionally, his talent tree offers defensive-oriented options such as “Tactical Mastery,” which improves the effectiveness of infantry troops in battles.

Charles Martel, another popular choice for an iron guard commander, possesses skills like “Kingdom’s Shogun,” which enhances the damage reduction of his troops. His talent tree provides further defensive benefits through talents like “Iron Will,” which increases infantry defense and health.

Lastly, Eulji Mundeok specializes in area-of-effect damage and crowd control, allowing players to repel multiple enemies simultaneously. His “Art of War” skill boosts infantry defense and skill damage, providing a well-rounded defense.

In conclusion, the buffs that commanders acting as “iron guard” receive in the commander view page vary depending on the chosen commander’s unique skills and talents. These iron guard commanders excel in defensive capabilities, granting players the ability to strengthen their cities and armies, making them formidable opponents to assailants.

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