In the commander view page. What buff do commanders acting as a ranger get?

Answer: Commanders acting as a ranger in Rise of Kingdoms receive the Buff “Destructive Force.”

Some extra relevant information:

In Rise of Kingdoms, commanders acting as rangers receive a valuable buff on their commander view page. This buff is known as the “Ranged Attack Bonus.” The ranger role in the game focuses on ranged combat and provides various benefits to commanders who excel in this style of warfare.

The Ranged Attack Bonus is a significant advantage for commanders acting as rangers. It enhances their ranged attack damage, allowing them to inflict more substantial damage on enemy forces from a distance. As a result, rangers become highly effective in battles where ranged attacks are crucial, such as sieges, field battles, and rallying enemy cities.

This buff is particularly useful for commanders who have skills and talents geared towards ranged combat. It complements their abilities, making them more potent and devastating on the battlefield. Some commanders who excel as rangers and benefit greatly from the Ranged Attack Bonus include:

1. Yi Seong-Gye: He is an excellent choice for a ranger role, with strong skills and talents that improve his ranged attack capabilities.

2. Edward of Woodstock: Known as The Black Prince, Edward is a versatile commander who possesses powerful ranged attack skills and synergizes well with the Ranged Attack Bonus.

3. El Cid: A legendary Spanish general, El Cid has both powerful cavalry and ranged attack skills. With the Ranged Attack Bonus, he becomes a formidable force in any battle.

4. Tomyris: As the queen of the Massagetae, Tomyris specializes in archery and possesses skills and talents that greatly enhance her ranged attack power.

5. Hermann: This versatile commander is skilled in both archery and cavalry. With the Ranged Attack Bonus, his archery abilities become even deadlier.

It’s worth noting that the Ranged Attack Bonus in Rise of Kingdoms is not limited to these commanders only. Many others can benefit from this buff as well, depending on their skills and talents.

To make the most of the Ranged Attack Bonus, it is essential to invest in the right skills, talents, and equipment upgrades for your commanders acting as rangers. By maximizing their ranged attack potential, you can dominate battles and achieve victories in your conquest of the world in Rise of Kingdoms.

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