In rok, which of these commanders is not good at leading archers?

Answer: Saladin

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to commanding archers in the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms (RoK), one commander stands out as less efficient in this role compared to others. That commander is Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar, known for his historical significance as a military leader and statesman, possesses active and passive skills that are better suited for infantry-focused strategies rather than archers. His active skill, “Venividivici,” boosts infantry units’ attack and march speed but does not provide any specific bonuses to archers. Similarly, his passive skill, “Divide Et Impera,” increases infantry units’ health and defense, making him a better fit for infantry-centered battles.

In RoK, each commander has unique skills that excel in different areas of warfare. For archer-focused strategies, commanders like Herman, Yi Seong-Gye, and El Cid are highly recommended. They possess active and passive skills that directly enhance the performance of archers, such as increasing their attack, reducing enemy defenses, or boosting their damage output.

It’s important to choose commanders that align with your preferred playstyle and strategic goals. While Julius Caesar might not be the best choice for leading archers, he shines when it comes to leading infantry forces. So, if you’re looking to maximize the potential of archers in RoK, consider other commanders who specialize in this area for better results on the battlefield.

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