In ROK, which of the following is considered a boost item?

Answer: Peace Shield

Some extra relevant information:

Boost items are an essential part of the gameplay in Rise of Kingdoms, offering various advantages to players. But which items can truly be classified as boost items?

Boost items in Rise of Kingdoms are special consumable items that provide temporary bonuses to different aspects of gameplay. These bonuses can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of various activities within the game. Boost items can be earned through different means, including events, quests, or purchases from the in-game store.

One popular boost item is the “Resource Boost” item. When activated, it increases the gathering speed of resources such as food, wood, stone, and gold. This boost item proves extremely valuable for players who want to rapidly accumulate resources, whether for construction, research, or training troops.

Another boost item frequently utilized by players is the “Training Boost” item. By activating this item, players can shorten the training time required for new troops. This is particularly advantageous during times of war or when preparing for a significant battle, as it allows for the quick reinforcement of armies.

In addition, there are boost items specifically designed for research. The “Research Boost” item decreases the time required to complete technological advancements, enabling players to unlock new technologies swiftly. This boost proves invaluable in accelerating progression and staying ahead of competitors.

For those focused on battle prowess, the “Combat Boost” item is of great importance. It temporarily enhances the attack and defense attributes of troops, making them more formidable on the battlefield. Activating this boost item can tip the scales in battles and determine the outcome of conflicts.

Lastly, the “Construction Boost” item is highly useful for swiftly completing or upgrading buildings within the city. It significantly reduces the time needed for construction projects, allowing players to expand and fortify their cities rapidly.

Boost items provide players with the opportunity to progress quickly in Rise of Kingdoms. Whether it’s gathering resources, training troops, conducting research, or constructing buildings, utilizing these boost items effectively can significantly enhance gameplay and increase the chances of success.

Remember, boost items have limited durations and their effects expire after a certain period. To make the most of these items, players must strategize and time their activations wisely, ensuring maximum benefit from each boost item obtained.

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