In Rok, which kingdoms Chronicles chapter requires all fog in your kingdoms to be fully explored?

Answer: Long Peace

Some extra relevant information:

In Rise of Kingdoms (RoK), one of the Chronicles chapters called “The Lost Kingdom” requires players to fully explore all the fog in their kingdom. This chapter is a significant milestone in the game as it signifies the expansion and development of a player’s kingdom.

The Lost Kingdom is the fourth chapter in the Chronicles, following the chapters of “The Mightiest Governor,” “The Osiris League,” and “The Ulster Cycle”. It presents players with the challenge of revealing and exploring every inch of the fog-covered territory within their kingdom.

The fog in RoK represents unexplored and hidden areas that players need to uncover to unlock various resources, treasures, and strategic locations. By exploring the fog, players can discover resource nodes, barbarian forts, and potential enemy bases. Moreover, they can obtain rewards by defeating barbarians and clearing fortresses found within the foggy regions.

Fully exploring the fog in The Lost Kingdom is crucial for players to maximize their kingdom’s potential. It allows them to find hidden treasures, gather valuable resources, and expand their territory. Additionally, it reveals the map and provides a better understanding of the surroundings, helping players plan their strategies more effectively during battles or events.

To progress through The Lost Kingdom chapter, players must make careful use of their exploration points. These points are earned through daily activities, completing quests, or obtained by purchasing exploration bundles. By wisely allocating these points, players can gradually uncover the entire foggy area of their kingdom.

In conclusion, The Lost Kingdom chapter in Rise of Kingdoms requires players to fully explore the fog in their kingdom. This task is vital for unlocking additional resources, strategizing effectively, and advancing in the game. So, get ready to unveil the mysteries hidden within the fog, expand your kingdom, and dominate in RoK!

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